MONDAY, SEPT. 27: More than 60 people were arrested over the weekend in a police crackdown following last week’s outbreak of violence.

Police conducted 232 stop and searches over the weekend, arresting 61 people. In a press release this afternoon the Bermuda Police Service said the arrests had been as a result of “heightened police presence” on the streets, following  three shootings reported in a single day last Thursday.

They did not indicate the seriousness of the offences or if any weapons had been seized.

Assistant Commissioner of Police David Mirfield said:  “It is not the intention of the Bermuda Police Service to inconvenience the law abiding Bermudian. What is our intention is to do everything in our powers to disrupt and dismantle criminal gangs.

“If that means we stop and search more people then we will; if that means we stop and search cars, motorcycles and any other vehicle, then we will; if it means we fill our cells, then we will do that also, until such time that the law abiding citizen feels safe.”

The press release added: “We would like to thank the public for their continued support as we police in these challenging times. We appreciate that some people were inconvenienced because of our efforts this weekend; however most people were very accommodating with officers and we thank them for their patience.

“The Bermuda Police Service remains committed to ensuring the safety of the community and with the continued assistance of the public we can more effectively address all crimes and incidents of anti-social behaviour.”

Also over the weekend there were seven people arrested on suspicion of impaired driving and four reported burglaries. There were eight reported damage-only road traffic collisions, three reported road traffic collisions resulting in injury and six vehicles reported taken without their owners’ consent.