Accused: Kenneth Burgess and Kamel Trott *File photos
Accused: Kenneth Burgess and Kamel Trott *File photos
Blood was left spattered across the room of a prison inmate allegedly beaten by two others in his Westgate cell last year, a Supreme Court jury heard yesterday.

Divisional officer Dwight Richards told the eight-woman, three-man panel of taking a series of about 30 pictures of the cell of Dennis Alma Robinson using a digital camera on June 6 to capture the images.

Kenneth Jermaine Burgess, 36, of Cottage Hill Lane, Hamilton Parish and Kamel Jamal Wendell Trott, 31, of Kitty's Lane, Hamilton Parish are on trial accused of unlawfully wounding Mr. Robinson with intent to do him grievous bodily harm.

The Crown's case is that the attack sprang from the earlier trial and convictions of Mr. Burgess and Mr. Robinson for murdering twins Jahmal and Jahmil Cooper, 20, in 2005.

The two men appealed against their convictions but, beforehand, Mr. Burgess is alleged to have demanded that Mr. Robinson file an affidavit clearing him of any blame - something that Mr. Robinson has testified that he refused to do.

The defendant then allegedly threatened to harm Mr. Robinson and said that Mr. Trott would harm the complainant's three-year-old daughter if he refused the demand.

DO Richards took the jury through the series of pictures showing drops and patches of blood scattered on the cell sink, items on the floor, the pillow and bed sheet, the desk and the walls.


Earlier, officer Wayne Parfitt told of seeing Mr. Robinson during the morning recreation period reading a newspaper outside of his cell.

He also recalled several other inmates playing cards at a table in the same area.

Later, he said, he saw Mr. Robinson go back into his cell but he never saw either defendant go into it.

During lockdown, when the inmates were being secured following recreation, the witness said that he came to Mr. Robinson's cell.

"When I got to the door and looked in," he recounted, "I saw Robinson and he told me he needed to go to medical."

Explaining that he saw an injury to the complainant's head, officer Parfitt said that he informed his supervisor and finished lockdown.

"Robinson seemed to be a little scared and confused or nervous," he continued. "He looked like he had been beat up."

The officer described an injury with blood to the left side of Mr. Robinson's head.

Earlier in the trial another prison officer testified to seeing Mr. Robinson and Mr. Burgess arguing over a newspaper article on the morning of the alleged assault.

It was afterwards that the complainant has said that the defendants came into his cell and beat him for up to an hour, causing serious injuries that led to his detention in hospital for three weeks.

Forensic evidence led by the prosecution purports to show that blood drops on items found in the defendants' cells after the alleged attack belonged to Mr. Robinson.

The trial continues before Puisne Judge Charles-etta Simmons.

DPP Rory Field leads the prosecution, while barristers Elizabeth Christopher and Richard Horseman appear for Mr. Burgess and Mr. Trott respectively.