TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4: A 21-year-old who smashed a window and broke a door at his mother’s house was ordered to pay for the damage.

Rayshun Edwards pleaded guilty in Magistrates’ Court today to willfully and unlawfully damaging a window and door belonging to Nemi Edwards, his mother, on October 3.

The damage is estimated to be around $500.

The court heard Ms Edwards was at her Warwick home at midnight when she heard her son banging on the front door and shouting, “I want my f**king stuff.”

He then punched and shattered the glass window, put his hand through the window and unlocked the door.

Edwards continued to shout for his “stuff”.

Police came to the scene and arrested him.

He admitted to the offence and was charged.

Addressing the court, Edwards said the problem began when he was kicked out of his grandmother’s house after he was laid off.

He told Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner he was unable to provide $750 a month to help pay the bills and was told to leave.

“I locked my door with my belongings and when I came back, she said my brother came in and took my stuff.

“I was irritated and I wasn’t thinking straight and I just wanted my belongings back.”

Edwards told the court he went to his mother’s home where his brother lived but wasn’t allowed in.

“My mother’s husband came to the door and asked who it was and then turned off the lights.”

The defendant apologised for breaking the window and door but said he just wanted his belongings.

Mr Warner gave Edwards a conditional discharge with the condition that he was pay for the damages.