* Photo by Simon JonesBrian Rogers is led away by Corrections officers.  
* Photo by Simon Jones
Brian Rogers is led away by Corrections officers.  
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 9: A jealous arsonist who torched a man's car because he thought he was a love rival has been jailed for six years.

Brian Rogers set fire to Maxwell Brown's car and then painted "let her go, she is mine," across a wall outside his home.

Rogers drove to Mr. Brown's Devonshire home in the middle of the night in October 2009 after finding out his partner, Denise Evans Wilkinson, was staying there.

Mr. Brown had offered Ms. Evans Wilkinson shelter from Rogers who had subjected her to physical abuse.

Prosecutor Kirsty-Ann Kiellor told the Supreme Court that Rogers was acting out of "jealousy and spite" when he set fire to Mr. Brown's car and scrawled the painted warning across the outside wall.

The fire bridgade was called to the property and had to put the blaze out.

Rogers, 47, was later arrested after police found a Heineken bottle at the scene with his finger prints on it.

He denied setting fire to Mr. Brown's car and writing the warning.

But he was found guilty of arson and criminal damage after trial.

Rogers was also convicted of stealing a motobike the day before the fire and stealing a lap top and bottles of homemade Swizzle on the day of the fire.

Today he was jailed for a total of six years at Supreme Court.

The court heard that he has a string of previous convictions for theft and criminal damage and is currently serving a sentence of three years in prison for burglary.

Pusine Judge Charles-Etta Simmons ordered that the arson sentence run consecutively to the burglary sentence.

She said: "Your actions were caused by jealousy, vindictiveness or a desire to control Ms. Evans. She had been a victim of your abuse.

"Mr. Brown had made a selfless act to offer her shelter to deter you from trying to get at her."

Rogers of Pembroke told the court he was innocent of the charges and wished Ms Evans Wilkinson and Mr. Brown all the best.