Bermuda Sun captured the crowds on video during Tuesday's protest march on video, including speeches by PLP leader Marc Bean on the steps of Government House.
The Progressive Labour Party lead the march on Government House following Governor George Fergusson's decision not to set up a Commission of Inquiry to investigate historical land purchases.
*Video: Glenn Tucker
*Video Editor: Gary Foster Skelton
SPECIAL REPORT: 'Land Grab' Dispute

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Painful chapter in our history revisited
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Brown: Governor must 'act accordingly'
Bean: OBA has grabbed land, too

Burchall: PLP had more than 5,000 days to deal with this
Simons: Get back to the House, PLP, there’s work to be done
Hill: Governor should not be calling the shots


VIDEO: PLP march on Government House

Governor: No need for Commission of Inquiry into land transactions
Land grab row escalates as PLP exits Parliament, plans march
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