The PLP outside of parliament this morning. *Photo by Danny McDonald
The PLP outside of parliament this morning. *Photo by Danny McDonald

4:40PM UPDATE: The Governor, George Fergusson, speaking from the UK today issued the following statement:

"I have been following the various comments today arising from my letter yesterday to Mr Speaker. In the light of suggestions on the lines that my decision represents an end to democracy in Bermuda, it may be worth recalling the conclusion I set out in that letter.

"I did not rule out a Commission. I recognised that the Motion had highlighted concerns that were widely shared. I said I would be willing to consider a Commission if the House gave a clear indication of the terms of reference and of the proposed means of funding the Commission." ~ Governor, George Fergusson.

The Progressive Labour Party (PLP) is abstaining from participating in Parliament in protest over the Governor's rejection of a proposal that would have set up an inquiry into allegations of historic land grabs.

Standing in front of the House of Assembly this morning, Opposition Leader Marc Bean said "democracy has been robbed from the people of this country" and called for the "immediate recall" of Governor George Fergusson.

He said the PLP would be organizing a march on Government House on Tuesday over the Governor's recent decision, which followed a House vote last week that sought to set up a probe into historic allegations of Bermudians being swindled out of their property. The PLP motion narrowly passed last Friday after drawing support from OBA MP Suzann Roberts-Holshouser. 

The proposal called for compensation be paid to those affected, if any historic wrongs were proven.

The Governor, however, said while the discussion about land grabs raised serious concerns, the information presented did not require a Commission of Inquiry.

PLP MP Walton Brown wants such an inquiry to investigate land purchases in Tucker's Town in the 1920s, as well as land purchases that created an American military airfield during the 1940s.

This morning, Mr Brown suggested the Governor had been influenced by the political and economic elite to reject the probe.

The PLP, however, refused to name any names.

"I think the people in this country can connect the dots," Mr Bean said.