Governor George Fergusson and PLP leader Marc Bean. *File photo
Governor George Fergusson and PLP leader Marc Bean. *File photo

Dissolving Parliament would be an ‘extreme and highly unusual measure’, according to the Deputy Governor.

Ginny Ferson’s comments come after Opposition Leader Marc Bean called for Parliament to be dissolved by the UK Government and a General Election held.

The demands follow Governor George Fergusson’s decision to decline a request for a Commission of Inquiry into historical land deals that displaced Bermudians.

But Mrs Ferson told the Bermuda Sun that the Governor was still open to considering the request.

And she rejected claims by Mr Bean that Government House had been colluding with Government over the last 18 months.

Mrs Ferson said: “The process for the dissolution of the Legislature is set out in Section 49 of the Bermuda Constitution.

“The Constitution provides for the Governor to dissolve the legislature on the advice of the Premier or where the office of Premier is vacant and there is no prospect of a person being appointed to that office who can command the support of the majority of the House.

“It would be an extreme and highly unusual measure for the UK Government or a Governor to intervene in a largely autonomous Territory by dissolving a Parliament with a working majority.”

Governor Fergusson’s decision not to immediately grant a Commission of Inquiry prompted Tuesday’s march on Government House by around 2,000 islanders.

The march, which was led by the PLP, ended with Mr Bean handing over an eight-page document to Mrs Ferson listing grievances with Government House.

Mr Bean told the crowd that he hoped the march would mark the start of Bermudians ‘being the masters of our own destinies”.

Yesterday, the Deputy Governor confirmed that she had forwarded his letter onto the Foreign and Commonwealth Office where it was receiving ‘due attention’.

She told the Bermuda Sun: “As Governor Fergusson said in his letter to the Speaker of the House, he remains open to considering the request for a Commission of Inquiry.

“But he has asked for further information on the kinds of abuses a Commission might address and more clarity from the House on how any Commission might be funded.”

She added: “Government House works closely with whichever elected Government is in power.

“The current Governor has had good working relations with both a PLP Administration and an OBA Administration.”