Last week’s photo...

Marilyn Slater, Helene Stephenson, Grejai Smith and two unidentified callers helped with the roll call for the army men in last week’s archive photos.

The young gentleman in the right photo is, of course, Sun columnist and Bermuda journalist Larry Burchall, and his photo garnered the biggest reaction.

The photo of the officers’ mess on the left proved more difficult for our readers. Only one unidentified caller was able to provide a few names. 

She identified Raymond Furbert as second from left at the table, a Mr. Calibras (spelling may be wrong) as 4th from left at the table, and named Bandmaster Horace Gibbons as the gentleman on the far right.

Racially segregated

It should be noted that these photos are of the Bermuda Militia Artillery, which was an army of almost entirely black volunteer soldiers. 

The other volunteer unit, the Bermuda Rifles (formally the Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps) was racially segregated and restricted to whites. 

These photos predate the 1st of September, 1965, as on that date the BMA and the Bermuda Rifles amalgamated to form the Bermuda Regiment.

The weather today shall be … Can you identify the young man giving us the forecast? Contact Gary Foster Skelton at or 278-1880.  

*Photo courtesy of Scott Stallard