Last week’s photo...

Tammy Gibbons, Dr C. R. Terceira, Ellen-Kate Horton and Al Wilson helped us to identify some of the athletes in last week’s photo.

The most easily identified was Arthur ‘Goo Gip’ Lambert, fourth from right with no headscarf. Dr Terceira said of him: “We knew him as children and always followed his marathons. We desperately wanted him to win and he always placed up with the leaders.

“On one occasion he led the field going into St George’s but got confused and took the old route, which was longer, and a runner who took the new route came first. We children could have cried.”

Al Wilson identified Neil Virgil and Neville Virgil as the gentlemen on the far left and third from left respectively.

Finally, Tammy Gibbons recognized her late father, George Stephen Lambert, as the athlete second from left with white socks. She said he won the marathon a couple of times and was an original member of the committee.

Ms Gibbons also said:  “A few years ago they created a heritage stamp to commemorate the Marathon.

Wrong man on stamp

“Unfortunately for them, and wonderful for us, they mistakenly used a picture of our father instead of Arthur ‘Goo Gip’ Lambert (not related).”

There is some suggestion that the gentleman second from right with white shorts and socks is Stanley Burgess. Can anybody confirm or deny this?

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