Last week’s photo...

Everybody’s got jungle fever…

Edward Forbes, Joanna Wellman, Gloria Adams, Delores Glassford, Audrey Astwood, Rochelle Virgil, Mr. Morris, June Lindsey, Gloria Dill and DW Whitehead confirmed that we were looking at the Jungle Room on Queen Street in last week’s archive photo.

The two lady dancers were the most easily identified as Marlene Minks on the left, and Gloria Adams (nee Virgil) on the right, while the drummers’ identities were a little more elusive. 

The general consensus was that the gentleman in the straw hat is Harold Webb (other names offered up were Reno Drake or Vernon Best), and the drummer on the right is Howard ‘Tilly’ Caisey.

The biggest mystery is the limbo dancer at the extremely low altitude. 

Mystery man

Some of the names offered were Brian Butterfield, Lord Rigby, or Carlyle… another called him the ‘Limbo King’, while another said he was from Trinidad. 

However, there was a majority that called him Pedro Mahias (I may not have the correct spelling) and said that he now works security at HSBC.

If anybody can help to confirm or correct the details above, or help to identify the people in this week’s image, contact me at or 278-1880 (leave a message with your name and phone number). 

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*Photo courtesy of Anthia Bean