Last week’s photo...

We had a huge reaction to last week’s archive photo. George Courtney Jr, Donald Smith, Ralph Showers, Nan Simmons, Hastings Harris, Corene Doors, Leslie Lowe, Cherie, Dr. Larry Franklin, Melvin Malik, Geoffrey Tyrell, Phiemma Caisey, Warren Dyer and one unidentified caller were our historians for the week.

A couple of names for the group were postulated, such as the Leaderboys or the Talbot Brothers, but the majority correctly identified them as the Rainbows.

The first two young men on the left are brothers Eugene and Llewellyn Thomas. 

The musician second from right, with closed eyes, was the most confusing for our readers. 

The names Dennis Moniz, Earlston Leader and Herman Burch were all put forward. 

In fact, according to the majority of callers and the man who supplied the photo, it is the late Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Todd.

Finally, on the right is David ‘Papa D’ Burch, who brought the photo in to the Sun.

Warren Dyer told us that “David Burch and Eugene Thomas were also in the group The Superiors. 

“The Rainbows and The Superiors, along with many other groups, performed at The Rosebank Theatre in the 60s.” 

Four men… Foremen! Can you identify these hard-working men taking a well-deserved break? Contact Gary Foster Skelton on 278-1880 or  *Photo courtesy of Scott Stallard