Last week’s photo...

There were only a couple of responses to last week’s archive photo.

Sheila Harvey told us that her late cousin Eugene White is in the picture, but did not say where in the photo he is standing.

Joanna Wellman called to identify the gentleman on the right wearing a cap as Earlston ‘Piggy’ Dill.

The original photo, supplied by Scott Stallard, identified the image as ‘Burland Construction Foremen’ and it did have the names Sunny Spencer and Fred Rawlings written on the back. 

Again, I am unsure which man is which. Can anybody let me know who’s who? 

Gary Foster Skelton at or 278-1880.

Dressed for the occasion: Can you identify these individuals or the event they are attending? Contact Gary Foster Skelton at or 278-1880.  *Photo courtesy of Scott Stallard