Inspired by Burnt House’s take on Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ video for Bermuda, two local firms have joined in the fun.

Butterfield & Vallis and the Argus Group both have done their takes on the popular song by the American artist. 

Spencer Butterfield, COO for Butterfield & Vallis, told the Bermuda Sun: “The Bermuda ‘Happy’ video was so good, and it gave great exposure to Bermuda and represented Bermuda well, I thought it would be a great way to both build staff morale and represent the faces of Butterfield & Vallis.”

Mr Butterfield said his company is always looking for ways to build morale for staff and this was a perfect opportunity to do so.

“We have a ‘Blue Train’ philosophy which encourages positive thinking and assisting others.  

“We strive for customer service excellence and we figure if we can maintain an encouraging work environment, and that will assist in delivering that customer service excellence. 

Alison Hill, CEO for the Argus Group, agreed. “If you’re able to inject fun into the work environment, your employees will feel more engaged, they’ll have a greater sense of job satisfaction, which in turn will lead to providing better customer service, increased productivity and a better work place atmosphere.” 

With that attitude from top management, it’s not surprising then to know that both Argus and Butterfield & Vallis are regularly in the Top 10 Companies to work for in Bermuda. 

Ms Hill said: “The Argus Group ‘Happy’ video is a reflection of our corporate culture and highlights what makes our team ‘happy’ to work at Argus.”

Mr Butterfield said his company has a photo collage in one of their lunchrooms from years ago.

“I thought the video would be a great way to get a modern-day staff collage done. This will get some staff morale going and have some fun with the project.”

He added he knows Andrew Kirkpatrick from Burnt House Productions “so I just reached out to him and he told us when he was available and HR got staff involved to see who wanted to be involved and participate. Some were really excited about it initially but some needed a bit more motivation to be involved, but all that were involved were really happy and pleased with it."