THURSDAY, DEC. 9: The Corporation of Hamilton has revealed that wireless CCTV cameras will be monitoring the whole of Hamilton by April.

Plans to introduce the high-tech wireless infrastructure have now been finalised in a bid to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour.

The cameras will cover the area “from the Hamilton Princess to Prospect” and, depending on the signal strength, could be extended north to cover the St. Monica’s Road and Friswells Road area.

Edward Benevides, secretary of the Corporation of Hamilton, told tonight’s Pembroke Parish Council meeting: “We want to move ahead, we are ready to move ahead.

“This is our hope and plan. We’re hoping to have the infrastructure in place by April next year, then testing can begin.”

The cameras will be monitored by the Corporation of Hamilton, but the Bermuda Police Service will be able “to tap into them” from its Prospect headquarters whenever it needs to. This new Wi-Fi system will be used in addition to the static cameras already monitored by the police.

Terry Maxwell, who is head of police CID, said the new CCTV system would be particularly useful for police to keep an eye on hot-spots such as Pitt’s Bay Road, where a number of handbag snatches have taken place.

He said: “Extending CCTV will hopefully aid us with the detection and prevention of crime.”

The Corporation also told the 35 members of public at tonight’s meeting that installing x-ray machinery at Hamilton Docks was a “high priority”. The high-tech machine, which will x-ray the entire contents of all containers, has already arrived on the island and is currently in storage.